Startup Resources

This is a list of tools, links, and checklists to help you build a startup. They are based on the book Hello, Startup: A Programmer's Guide to Building Products, Technologies, and Teams by Yevgeniy Brikman.

These resources are a work in a progress. They are also open source, so you can add your contributions by submitting a pull request to the Hello, Startup GitHub Repository. To see how these resources fit into the bigger picture, check out the The Startup Checklist, which is a comprehensive collection of everything you need to do to launch a startup.

Startup Resources



Startup business models; information on IPO's and acquisitions; resources such as ads, payments, subscriptions, lead gen, etc.

Validating your Ideas

Quick and cheap ways to do some market research to find out if you have a big idea or a complete bust.


Everything you need to design a user experience for your startup, including templates, fonts, wireframing tools, community resources, checklists, and further reading.


Help users find your startup through marketing, viral marketing, advertising, email, SEO, PR, and sales.

Minimum Viable Product

How to define a minimum viable product (MVP); how to build prototypes quickly and cheaply.

Photos and Graphics

Images, photos, graphics, clip art, icons, and image editors you can use in your startup.

Startup Ideas

How to come up with startup ideas; how to be more creative; a list of links to ready-made ideas you can use.


Code Review Tools

How and why to setup a code review process at your startup, including design reviews, pre-commit reviews, and static analysis.

Monitoring Tools

Learn how to keep track all of your server metrics, business metrics, and alerts.

Deployment Tools

Instead of deploying code manually, learn about tools such as Terraform, Chef, Puppet, Ansible, and Docker.


Learn how to scale your tech stack to handle more users, more traffic, and more data.

Hosting Options

Compare racking your own servers versus using services such as Amazon EC2, Heroku, Rackspace, and Digital Ocean.


Other Resources

Can't find what you need on Check out these other lists of startup resources.

Collaboration Tools

Tools that help your team work together productively, such as GitHub, Slack, Google Docs, and DropBox.

Jobs and Hiring

This is a list of websites where a candidate can find a startup job or a startup can find a candidate.

Recommended Reading

Other books, articles, and talks you should check out to learn about startups.


How to figure out if you're being paid a fair salary.

Equity and Stock

How does equity work? How much are your stock options worth? Use these resources to figure it out.